Where we began

When Land Title Services began operations in 1986, the title insurance industry was markedly different from today. Everything was done the "old-fashioned" way without the help of fax machines, email, and Internet connections. Title companies succeeded by relying on an experienced and knowledgeable staff to provide a superior product along with excellent customer service. In quickly becoming one of the state's largest title agents, Land Title Services relied on its strengths: experience and expertise combined with great service.

Today, many title insurance companies boast of their advanced technology. Land Title Services believes technology is important to providing a quality product in a timely manner, but secondary to the core strengths of experience and expertise. Technology without the necessary experience and expertise only allows a company to make mistakes more quickly. The staff at Land Title Services and Land Closing Services brings you a wealth of experience and knowledge gained through years of working in the title insurance industry along with other real estate related fields. Our investments in technology now allow our talented staff to add extra convenience to the quality title insurance products we have been providing our customers for years.

As the industry continues to change, Land Title Services will remain rooted in its historical strengths while always looking for new ways to provide added convenience to our customers.