As a seller, you will need assistance in completing the sale of your property. Land Title Services offers extremely professional and valuable services representing you whether you are selling with a Realtor or as a For Sale By Owner.

The following are some of the seller’s responsibilities:

  • Providing a title insurance policy to the buyer
  • Obtaining special assessment letters from the municipality
  • Obtaining Homeowners/Condo Association Letters, if applicable
  • Prorating property taxes
  • Obtaining mortgage pay-off statement(s) and/or judgment payoff(s)
  • Prorating the water and sewer bill
  • Preparing a closing statement
  • Drafting all conveyance documents and recording them at the county courthouse.
  • Preparing and submitting the state transfer tax form
Land Title Services, Inc. and its affiliate Land Closing Services, Inc. will handle all of the obligations listed above. We can also hold the buyer’s earnest money and attend the closing with you - either at our office or at another agreed upon location. This will insure a professional, worry-free closing and minimize errors and miscommunications that may otherwise arise in closing your home sale with the buyer. If you have a realtor or attorney assisting you, please have them contact us when you have an accepted offer.

  • Our work begins once you have an accepted offer.
  • Please allow 3 weeks or more from the time you place the order with us until the closing date to be safe.
  • We will research the public records and produce a title commitment outlining our title requirements in order to close and provide clear title to the buyer(s).
  • If you have an open mortgage, we will need signed authorization from you to order a payoff from the lender that will include the account number and the last 4 digits of your social security number. We will provide you with this form.
  • If you have prior title insurance to provide to us, you are eligible to receive a 15% discount on the title insurance premium.
  • If you have had work done by a contractor in the last six months over $500, we will most likely need a lien waiver from the contractor.
  • Even if the buyer has someone representing them at closing, you will need someone like us to prepare your paperwork and represent you.
  • Please be aware that criminals sometimes attempt to steal personal information and redirect closing funds so be cautious with sending personal information and verify that emails are coming and going to the right place. Call a verified number to confirm anything that seems unusual. Please visit the Fraud section on our Consumer Education page for more information about protecting your information and money.

Land Closing Services offers Remote Online Notarization services so our seller customers can close remotely through a secure online portal. Please contact us to learn more and/or click here to learn more about how this works and what you will need.

Please call us at 414-259-5060 or email at for any additional information. Thank you.